Custom development with high standards of safety.

Sasse can guide and support you from the first step to the finish line, and set the course for efficient manufacturing early on.

We work according to our motto “When Safety Matters” and develop strictly according to IEC 60601 for solutions with high demands for safety and reliability.

  • Electronics Development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Qualification & Proof-of-Concept
  • Documentation

Electronics Development

Whether it’s an operating unit in an industrial application or a control system in medical technology: At the heart of every technical innovation today is a piece of powerful electronics. As a development service provider, we will be happy to design your electronic assemblies for you and help you to optimize the performance of your devices with tailor-made embedded systems.

Electronics development is a complex process: from the first sketch of the idea to the drawing of the circuit diagrams and the selection of the components to the circuit board design and programming it often takes many months before the first prototypes are ready for use. This ties up extensive resources in your team and can often permanently delay important projects.

Embedded Software Development

In order to unleash the full potential of our hardware systems for you, we would be happy to take over the development of the associated control software for you and implement it on the basis of powerful embedded systems.

The importance of software is steadily increasing across all areas of the high-tech industry. Many functions that would have required extensive hardware redesigns a few years ago can now be implemented with a simple update, often even via the Internet. The prerequisite is that the software is optimally adapted to the system, correctly programmed and validated and documented according to modern criteria and guidelines.

Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronics is developing rapidly: New materials and innovative approaches in the area of embedded systems open up countless new options for you when designing your mechatronic components. Sasse’s development experts support you in exploring these possibilities at an early stage and integrating them quickly and efficiently into your systems.

As a full-service provider, Sasse is at your side for the entire development of your complex mechatronic housing and operating systems: Based on your specifications, we analyze your functional and economic specifications in detail and, in close cooperation with your team, develop an ergonomic and user-friendly design that optimally reflects your requirements .

Qualification & Proof-of-Concept

Technological development is progressing dynamically: day after day, hardware and software companies around the world present exciting innovations and entice with sustainable savings, increased efficiency and new features. Our qualification services help you to assess which of these new technologies are already ready for the market and offer you real added value.

Every development project starts with an idea. But is this idea even feasible? And if so: at what price? And what are the risks? As your development partner, we help you right from the start of the project to answer these questions in a well-founded and critical manner as part of a proof-of-concept. In this way, predetermined breaking points can be identified at an early stage and the course set for a successful project.


The documentation of new technological developments is subject to ever stricter legal requirements and industry standards and thus binds more and more time and human resources. During joint projects, Sasse will take care of the creation of complete documentation that complies with all regulations.

A complete technical documentation of your development projects is indispensable today for multiple reasons: On one hand, because a directive-compliant documentation is the basic requirement for the successful approval of your product in most industries. On the other hand, because the use, maintenance and further development of a new product is not possible without complete documentation throughout the lifecycle.

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