The documentation of new technological developments is subject to ever stricter legal requirements and industry standards and thus binds more and more time and human resources.

During joint projects, Sasse will take care of the creation of complete documentation that complies with all regulations.

Comprehensible documentation of the entire product development process

Setting the course for a successful, timely approval

Basic building block for a consistent lifecycle management

A complete technical documentation of your development projects is indispensable today for multiple reasons: On one hand, because a directive-compliant documentation is the basic requirement for the successful approval of your product in most industries. On the other hand, because the use, maintenance and further development of a new product is not possible without complete documentation throughout the lifecycle.

Documentation is not a sure-fire success

Our experience shows that comprehensive documentation is an extremely time-consuming undertaking – both with regards to creating and maintaining texts, circuit diagrams, drawings, evaluations and reports, as well as with regards to the necessary know-how relating to the Machinery Directive and the Medical Device Directive etc. Particularly in the area of software development, the clean and comprehensible documentation according to IEC 62304 and interfaces often take up as much time as the actual development process.

Documentation directly from the developer

Therefore, we are happy to take care of the documentation of our joint products. Our developers are extremely familiar with both the product and all external requirements, and provide you with comprehensive and comprehensible documentation, in time for approval so that nothing stands in the way of a successful approval process.

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