Electronics Development

Whether it’s an operating unit in an industrial application or a control system in medical technology: At the heart of every technical innovation today is a piece of powerful electronics.

As a development service provider, we will be happy to design your electronic assemblies for you and help you to optimize the performance of your devices with tailor-made embedded systems.

Full service provider for the development of your electronic components

Our own development team with many years of experience in the field of embedded systems

Design-to-cost for small to large series

Electronics development is a complex process: from the first sketch of the idea to the drawing of the circuit diagrams and the selection of the components to the circuit board design and programming it often takes many months before the first prototypes are ready for use. This ties up extensive resources in your team and can often permanently delay important projects.

Tailor-Made Development Services

As a development service provider, Sasse takes care of the complete or partial development of your embedded systems for you – from the concept to the board assembly to programming. Our experienced team of developers will help you to seamlessly integrate the electronic components into the overall concept and ensure simple interlinking with other or higher-level devices via powerful, open interfaces.

Space for Innovation

Our goal is to sustainably relieve your team of the design of your new solutions throughout the entire development process. This way, you do not have to keep expensive know-how in the field of electronics development in-house and you also benefit from additional time that you can use for further innovation projects.

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