Embedded Software Development

In order to unleash the full potential of our hardware systems for you, we would be happy to take over the development of the associated control software for you and implement it on the basis of powerful embedded systems.

Programming of powerful embedded systems for your control elements

Reduction of errors through a consistent one-stop approach

Directive-compliant documentation and quality assurance in accordance with IEC 62304

The importance of software is steadily increasing across all areas of the high-tech industry. Many functions that would have required extensive hardware redesigns a few years ago can now be implemented with a simple update, often even via the Internet. The prerequisite is that the software is optimally adapted to the system, correctly programmed and validated and documented according to modern criteria and guidelines.

Hardware and software from a single source

Our experience shows that this works best when the software is developed by the same team that is responsible for the design of the hardware. After all, these experts are perfectly familiar with the solution and also know your functional and financial requirements very well. In addition, the lower number of knowledge transfer points means that many sources of error are excluded and the entire development process is therefore much more efficient.

Validation and documentation according to IEC 62304

That is why we are happy to offer you all software development services, upon request, for all the products and components we have developed with you. You will benefit from a seamlessly integrated overall solution from a single source. We continuously work according to the validation and documentation requirements of the IEC 62304 guideline for medical devices. This way, you can rely on the high quality standard of our embedded systems.

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