Qualification and Proof-of-Concept

Technological development is progressing dynamically: day after day, hardware and software companies around the world present exciting innovations and entice with sustainable savings, increased efficiency and new features.

Our qualification services help you to assess which of these new technologies are already ready for the market and offer you real added value.

Well-founded feasibility studies and evaluation of innovative technologies

Cross-divisional project team for a holistic implementation

Evaluation of functional, financial and safety-related aspects

Every development project starts with an idea. But is this idea even feasible? And if so: at what price? And what are the risks? As your development partner, we help you right from the start of the project to answer these questions in a well-founded and critical manner as part of a proof-of-concept. In this way, predetermined breaking points can be identified at an early stage and the course set for a successful project.

Cross-divisional Project Teams

In order to be able to submit a well-founded assessment, we define a cross-divisional qualification team for each project, in which, in addition to the experts from our development team, experienced buyers, sales professionals and manufacturing workers are always involved. This gives you the certainty that all relevant perspectives are taken into account and you get a holistic view of the project. Only the interaction of all areas ultimately brings the optimal result.

Continuous optimization of the processes

The project team is not only responsible for the initial assessment of the project, but also defines the key data for the further course of the project at a joint kick-off and then checks at regular meetings how the quality and profitability can be continuously optimized.

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