In the more than 75 years of our existence, we have been able to build up a wealth of expertise in the areas of development and production, which offers our customers a real competitive advantage. Our excellent processes enable us to competently cope with ever increasing normative requirements.


Convenient and safe wireless operation for critical environments
Individual configuration thanks to safety/wireless solutions
Wide range of interfaces and integration options

Wireless technology and wireless control have long been established in many areas of everyday life. However, when used in industrial and medical applications, the performance and safety of the systems must meet significantly higher requirements. Sasse therefore offers you sophisticated wireless solutions within the framework of our safety wireless technologies, which combine uncompromising safety with a high level of operating convenience.

Whether for the operation of medical equipment or the control of heavy industrial robots: the use of wireless technology grants users a significantly higher degree of freedom of movement and operating comfort. Sasse was one of the pioneers who established wireless technology as an ergonomic and safe operating solution in medical technology.

Customer specific sensor application
User recognition
Sensory control panels
Force measurement
Level and flow measurement

The reliable detection of system states is a decisive factor for the safe operation of machines – especially when it comes to medical devices.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the application of various sensor technologies – especially in the field of capacitive sensors – we are able both to integrate existing sensor solutions in systems with high functional safety requirements as well as to develop customized sensors for customer-specific applications.

Our sensor solutions are used in the areas of level measurement, force measurement, flow measurement and bubble detection. Sensor applications are also an essential part of the HMI systems we develop, for example for user recognition or for sensory control elements.

Machine safety through safe operating concepts
Individual solutions for every project
Many years of experience in the development of operating solutions

Whether in industry or medical technology: the systems and devices we work with every day are becoming increasingly complex and richer in functions. Those who want to use the full potential of the systems are therefore more dependent than ever on powerful, intuitive and safe operating systems.

When developing our operating elements, we have always paid attention to two aspects: intuitive and functionally safe user guidance and flawless communication with the system. This guarantees that users can immediately operate their systems efficiently and safely.

Customized UPS systems with battery management and battery charging technology
Integrated sensor technology as well as user interfaces for worldwide system analyses
Many years of experience in the development of operating solutions

In almost every industry and performance class, the power supplies of the devices used are subject to special requirements. The challenge in this case is to know and analyze these requirements and to implement these safety-relevant modules in accordance with the applicable standards. This is our core competence. We develop your tailor-made, reliable and intelligent power supply and UPS-solutions.

Our highly qualified team has extensive expertise in the areas of UPS, converter and charging technology, integration of communication interfaces and hardware-related software/firmware. We develop CE-compliant products in accordance with the relevant applicable standards and provide support in regulatory coordination and approval procedures.


Ultrasonic welding

The quality of a product critically depends on the components being connected securely, permanently and with the required accuracy. The basic prerequisite for achieving this goal is, in addition to the technical qualification of the employees, the correct design of the work processes. In addition to work preparation, this includes topics such as precise dosing, temperature monitoring or the production of assembly fixtures to ensure a consistently high quality.

Based on our many years of experience in the production of sophisticated systems using a wide range of joining technologies, we offer our customers high-end assembly for their products.

Water- and smudge-proof
Very durable
Automated, but individual
Color change
Color removal

The demands on marking durability and at the same time individualization have increased in the past.

That is why we rely on laser marking in our company. It is suitable for almost all materials, every industry and every customer requirement. By using laser marking we realize individual and at the same time water- and smudge-proof inscriptions in series production, which are also very durable. By parameterizing the process, not only can the color of organic materials be changed, but layers of paint can also be removed, thus exposing certain shapes. 

Standard workstations & workshop
Product-specific assembly fixtures
Individual test stations in the line
Comprehensive infrastructure for in-process activities

Highly specialized and individual products require customized assembly workstations, tools and aids as well as test fixtures tailored to the product. The diversity of the necessary equipment is the challenge that SASSE masters for you in our production. Standard workstations for mechanical, electromechanical and electronic components and devices are permanently available. Naturally, this includes comprehensive ESD protection in all production areas as well as a workshop that reacts flexibly and quickly to the respective requirements. In addition, requirement-specific and individual assembly and testing devices are created depending on the product, regardless of whether it is a “small” manual operation or a complete system such as an X-ray moving stand. We can carry out both high-precision mechanical assembly work and the commissioning, programming and testing of complex “embedded systems” with product-specific tools in the production line.

This is rounded off by specialized measuring equipment in our quality assurance department as well as special equipment such as climatic cabinets, a force-displacement measuring machine and workstations for in-process tests (APQP), which can be used for all products.


Series price optimization
Cost consideration in the concept phase
Analysis of interactions
Prioritization and recommendation of solutions
Value stream analysis
Total cost of ownership

The full potential of cost optimization in products can only be exploited if the cost aspect is considered in the early stages of product development.

For our designers and developers, it is a natural part of every development project to evaluate the interaction between technical implementation, development costs and series price, to assess possible solutions and to make recommendations for cost-optimized implementation. In addition to the aspects of material costs and production time, the important factor of “total cost of ownership” is also taken into account. A value stream analysis, which includes all process steps across company boundaries and enables optimization, helps to achieve this.

Manufacturing stability
Interdisciplinary teams
Standardized work steps
Reduction of complexity
Suitable manufacturing aids
High reproducibility

A decisive criterion for the sustainable success of a product is its efficient and reproducible manufacturability.

The foundation for a product to be optimally manufactured is already laid in the early conception and design stages. Thanks to the close cooperation between product developers and manufacturing experts, we have the ideal prerequisites for incorporating the requirements from the manufacturing perspective into design decisions during development projects. Interdisciplinary teams evaluate possible solutions and ensure the selection of implementations suitable for production. Special attention is paid to the possibility of standardizing all production steps, reducing complexity and ensuring high process reproducibility. The development of effective manufacturing aids also contributes to stable production.

Continuous supply flow
Avoiding bottlenecks
Alternatives for critical components
Dovetailing SCM with development
Forecasts on delivery time development
Flexible manufacturing options

The consistent supply of materials and components to ensure a continuous manufacturing and delivery flow is increasingly becoming a decisive bottleneck.

This aspect is therefore considered as comprehensively as possible by our technical experts as early as the product development stage. In close coordination with the specialist department for supply chain management, electronic or functional components with a predicted high criticality in permanent availability are avoided or replaced by suitable alternatives. Likewise, forecasts on the development of delivery times are included in the selection of materials, for example. Another aspect is the possibility of pre-assembling sub-assemblies to be able to react flexibly to supply bottlenecks if necessary.

Comprehensible documentation of the entire product development process
Important course-setting for successful, timely approval
Basic building block for continuous lifecycle management

The documentation of new technological developments is subject to ever stricter legal requirements and industry standards and thus ties up more and more time and personnel resources. Within the scope of joint projects, Sasse takes over the creation of complete documentation that complies with all regulations.

Today, complete technical documentation of your development projects is indispensable in more than one respect: On the one hand, because in most industries, documentation that conforms to regulations is the basic prerequisite for the successful approval of your product. On the other hand, because the use, maintenance and further development of a new product are not possible without complete documentation throughout the lifecycle.

Demand-oriented, scalable production services
Requirement-specific line planning
On-time production with synchronized lines
Modern equipment and professional production planning

To ensure efficient production, we develop a suitable, needs-specific line concept for each product – from unchained manual workstations to largely automated lines in large-scale production.  In doing so, we rely on a clear division and structuring of our production. This applies to both a separation according to our industry focus (medical technology, automation technology, building technology) and a subdivision according to the batch sizes to be produced.  We have very flexibly equipped production workstations which can be converted within a short time depending on the product and batch size. The focus is on the production of sophisticated individual items and products in the medium batch size range (up to a few hundred units per year). For larger quantities (from several hundred units per year) up to large series (>10,000 units per year), highly efficient production lines with short cycle times are used.

We manufacture according to the principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma – in compliance with the strictest quality and safety specifications. Our production foremen make sure that our production lines are clocked up according to batch size and run without interruptions.

Recording and analysis of critical components
Component monitoring
Replacement procurement
Implementation of reengineering measures

Especially in times of tight supply, a functioning obsolescence management is a decisive competitive advantage. However, ever shorter innovation cycles and long product lifecycles also highlight the need to proactively address the issue of obsolescence.

At Sasse, we see obsolescence management as a holistic process that begins in the development phase and ensures that we remain able to supply our customers even in difficult market situations by systematically analyzing and monitoring critical components.