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New paths in patient compliance

A pillbox that takes care

Development of a smart pill container to increase adherence in patients

The system had to be integrated into a very limited installation space. At the same time, it had to be ensured that medication withdrawals were reliably detected and that patients could interact intuitively with the packaging.


Thanks to Sasse’s existing know-how in the field of sensor technology, innovative solutions for detecting the filling level and opening time of the medication packaging could be found and combined with the necessary connectivity.

Customer benefits

Through an iterative and flexible approach to development, a proof-of-concept could be provided quickly and cost-effectively. The modular approach allows easy adaptation of the system to customer requirements.


Connect-e-Cap®: The interactive primary packaging from Röchling Medical Solutions
It is extremely important for the success of medical treatment that patients adhere exactly to the medication prescribed to them. Numerous studies prove that adherence to therapy pays off. But studies also show that many patients ignore their treatment plans – out of stubbornness, carelessness or excessive demands. This so-called non-adherence not only jeopardizes the success of treatment, but also causes immense costs for the health care systems. However, if the patient receives immediate feedback on the correct use of his or her medicine, this can demonstrably significantly increase treatment adherence. This is where Connect-e-Cap comes in, the intelligent packaging solution by Röchling Medical.


Röchling Medical Solutions SE
“The cooperation with Sasse is characterized by short distances, innovative solutions and a goal-oriented hands-on mentality.”


-Ralf Tröbs, Head of Development Röchling Medical Solutions SE