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Nursing assistant of the future

Production of a digital nursing assistant system

Design transfer, engineering support and production of the moio sensor module on behalf of customers

Successful production transfer of an entire newly developed system with extensive needs for optimizing functional and manufacturing stability within the framework of the design transfer phase.


Detailed review of all technical documents – re-engineering in close customer coordination – early procurement management for bottleneck components – establishment of a structured manufacturing process.

Customer benefits

Through closely networked collaboration across all project phases, MOIO gains access to the broad experience of the SASSE team and can rely on stable manufacturing processes after completion of industrialization.

The System

Soft shell. Smart core.
At the heart of the system is a flat, soft and flexible sensor module: the moio. It is worn comfortably on the back by those in need of care like a plaster. Its sensors perceive the patient’s movements and interpret them independently. In this way, the moio detects whether a patient has fallen, moved away from a safe area and much more. If help is needed, it automatically connects to the moio Cloud. This informs all registered nurses via the moio app.


“We choose Sasse Elektronik as our partner from the prototyping and test phase to series production, because we appreciate the targeted communication and comprehensive expertise of the Sasse employees.”


-Maximilian Böhm, COO MOIO GmbH