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Position Control Center for X-ray Systems

Development and production of the “Position Control Center”

Development and production of a control unit for mobile C-arms


For a series of newly developed mobile X-ray systems, a means was to be created for the operator to control the C-arm and its 4-motor axes easily and precisely within the sterile area. The so-called “Position Control Center” had to be integrated into the overall usability concept of the device while having the necessary functional safety.


As a specialist in the development and production of HMI systems, Sasse was able to offer a solution from a single source. Based on a jointly developed requirement specification, SASSE took over the mechanical and electronics development, while Ziehm implemented the firmware. A consistent “Design to Manufacture” resulted in a component with high ease of use.

Customer benefit

Concentrating on the respective core business leads to fast and efficient solutions. “Time to Market” is a valuable customer benefit that SASSE offers.

C-arms for tailor-made solutions

Ziehm Imaging specializes in mobile X-ray imaging solutions (C-arms) for various medical applications.
As an innovation and technology leader, Ziehm Imaging has developed the sophisticated yet intuitive Ziehm Usability Concept.
The concept focuses on improved usability in all daily tasks in a demanding clinical environment. It optimizes process efficiency, ensures a standardized level of quality in the OR and thus supports the best treatment results.


Ziehm Imaging GmbH
“High professional competence and reliability as well as the understanding of the medical environment and the application make SASSE an outstanding cooperation partner for us.”


– Jürgen Dehler, VP Corporate Innovation