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UWB technology for medical devices

Reliable distance measurement for medical devices

Remote controls have become indispensable in many applications. Especially with medical devices, however, they also carry risks – for example, if functions are triggered unintentionally.


To ensure that critical functions can only be triggered when the remote control is within a certain range, accurate and interference-resistant distance measurement is required.


With the UWB function module, Sasse has created an easy way to adapt the UWB technology in medical devices. The technology module enables safe and reliable distance measurement.

Customer benefits

The use of UWB technology offers an additional level of security and enables new applications in the localization and measurement of devices – especially for medical technology.

UWB distance measurement

Function module for medical devices
Due to the extremely short pulses of a few nanoseconds combined with the broad spectrum of 500 MHz and more, UWB enables very accurate time-of-flight measurements. In addition, UWB combines low energy consumption with an extremely high safety standard, making it an ideal choice for critical applications.


SASSE Elektronik
“Innovative wireless solutions for medical technology have a long tradition at Sasse. Let’s talk about the added value that UWB technology can bring to your products.”


– Dr. Christoph Schnürer-Patschan, Strategic Business Development SASSE Elektronik