Quality Management

We set ourselves the high standard of delivering only flawless, efficiently produced and technologically leading products to our customers.

That is why we apply strict quality management throughout the company, which helps us to identify and correct errors at an early stage – and not to repeat them.

Continuous monitoring and optimization of the manufacturing processes

Wide range of proven QM tools for every application scenario

Consistent alignment with lean management, Six Sigma and Muda principles

Over the years, Sasse Elektronik has defined a wide range of tried and tested QM tools. In order to identify defective products at an early stage, we rely on meticulous checks of incoming goods, multiple tests during ongoing production and careful analyses of the finished products.

Wide Range of Powerful Quality Management Tools

We use errors that occur as an opportunity to put the corresponding process step to the test and, if necessary, to optimize it. We define appropriate measures to prevent repetition – be it by additionally training the responsible employees, or by formulating clear work instructions for the work step.

Continuous Process Improvement

Based on established QM philosophies such as lean management, Six Sigma and Muda, we have developed a corporate culture of continuous improvement. As our customer, you can always rely on the fact that our focus is primarily on the high quality of your products – and that we strive to continuously serve you better. The continuous further development and improvement of our services is particularly important to us.

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