Value Stream Mapping

Building on our many years of project and implementation experience and our in-depth understanding of processes, we can provide you with competent support in optimizing your manufacturing processes and manufacturing costs if required.

In light of the complexity of modern production environments, there are innumerable adjusting screws in every manufacturing process in order to improve processes and results in the long term. Usually, internal teams find it difficult to identify this potential. That is why Sasse Elektronik offers you comprehensive value stream mapping as an external consulting service.

Sustainable minimization of your manufacturing costs

Process consulting, order visualization and planning of optimized processes

Tailor-made sourcing concepts with technology and material selection

As part of our value stream optimization, our experts analyze all phases of your manufacturing process, and develop a catalog of proven best practices that will help you to produce at a lower cost and with higher quality with Sasse Elektronik as your partner.

Why does outsourcing pay off? It’s simple:

Manufacturing with Optimized Lines

Our production masters ensure that our production lines are optimally clocked and run without interruptions. Proven lean management strategies and Muda concepts for avoiding waste enable us to constantly maximize the efficiency of the lines.

Optimization of Material and Technology Selection

Often times, the manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced by switching to cheaper materials or technologies without impairing the functionality, safety or performance of the components.

Consistent Visualization of the Order Status

Sometimes delays and inefficient processes only occur because those responsible do not have a complete overview of the project status. Therefore, we rely on regular meetings of the project team, at which the order status is clearly visualized. This way, many obstacles can be identified and removed at an early stage.

Process Planning and Streamlining of the Process Chain

High costs arise when processes are too complex and involve too many steps and interfaces. That is why our experts carefully analyze your previous processes at the start of the project, and help you to optimize the entire process chain in the long term.

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