Stainless Steel Keyboards

Stainless steel keyboards look prestigious, are robust and versatile. Our keyboards are therefore very popular in the medical technology, automation, and automotive industries, the food and beverage industry and many public areas. With the Saskey brand, Sasse has been one of the leading German providers in this area for over 25 years.

Sasse is a pioneer of the stainless steel keyboard. Our keyboards convince with their modern and representative design. The workmanship is solid and of high quality across all product lines and is equally well armed against harsh environments, weather influences and physical violence (vandalism security). With their abrasion-resistant laser marking with annealing engraving, the IP65-certified keyboards are also extremely durable, even when used in demanding industrial and medical environments.

Robust and high quality stainless steel keyboards from Saskey

The widest range of stainless steel keyboards on the market

Customization and advice in all phases

At Sasse you will find the right keyboard for every scenario, optionally with a touchpad or trackball. A large number of flexible integration options (push trolley, desk), country layouts and industry-specific variants (e.g. silicone-free models for the automotive industry) are available upon request.

We would be happy to develop a completely customized stainless steel operating system for you, drawing on our years of experience and the standard components of our wide range of modular products.

ERGON - The All-Rounder

From automation to POS – our ERGON keyboards can be used almost anywhere.

The ERGON concept offers almost the same user-friendliness that one is used to from office keyboards. The stainless steel buttons are raised but secured against being levered out and twisted.

MIK - A Compact Masterpiece

Small format, unlimited capabilities.

The devices of the future all have one thing in common: they are getting smaller. The smaller the better. Based on this idea, MIK was developed on the basis of our proven stainless steel keyboards. Smaller not only in length and width, but also in height. The result is an extremely compact keyboard with a full MF2 layout with 86 keys.

KIM - Compact, Integrable, Small Format

Small space? No big deal for KIM.
So small and yet so big – on the basis of our proven ERGON keyboards, we developed KIM, an extremely compact keyboard with a full MF2 layout with 90 keys. It can be used as a desktop keyboard and in keyboard drawers. It is very compact with only 1U demand on the drawer. Despite its small format, KIM doesn’t have to hide from its big brother ERGON.

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